Sauer System

Counter-Ejector Backstops

A true upgrade with a multitude of benefits!

OEM style backstops offer little in the way of cushioning the boxes as they enter the counter‐ejector, leading to several problems:

  • Damage to the lead edge of incoming boxes.
  • Eventual damage to the backstops themselves.
  • Difficulty clearing jam‐ups in the counter‐ejector.
  • Peripheral wear on other parts of the machine due to constant unabsorbed impact from the backstops.

In contrast, the air spring backstops offer two levels of cushioning for incoming boxes: a soft, impact‐resistant, replaceable wear pad that bolts to the front of the backstop and an air spring that allows the backstops to flex upon impact. The air pressure is adjustable to optimize the functionality of the backstops depending upon product mix and machine speed.

Sauer System
Sauer System


Air Spring Backstop Upgrade Benefits

  • Dual cushioning system, protecting the lead edge of incoming boxes from damage and preventing collateral wear on other parts of the machine.
  • Heavy duty construction / no need to replace or re‐weld backstops due to damage.
  • Easier to clear jam‐ups in the counter‐ejector as backstop pressure can be released.
  • Price is comparable to OEM backstops.
  • Quick and easy installation.

Backstops Before

Backstops After

Sauer System
Sauer System
Sauer System
Sauer System
Sauer System
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