Sauer System

Value Proposition

What sets Sauer System apart?

Superior design characteristics

It’s one thing to make a tool but it’s another thing to understand why it works. We ensure that we understand “all” of the reasons why we make the design decisions we make. Whether it’s tolerances, decisions about which material to use, which clamping style to use for a head, or sometimes having to assert that an application may not work, we always design our parts from a true understanding of the tool design and application. Ask us why a part is designed a certain way, and we will be happy to provide a full explanation.

Superior Design Characteristics - Sauer System

In-house processes

Sauer System tools start out as iron, aluminum, steel, or bronze and we maintain control of all processes until completion except for plating / finishing. These processes including laser cutting, torch cutting, sawing, milling, contouring, grinding, turning, heat-treating, assembly, and inspection. The ability to control all processes in-house allows us a fully degree of control over the quality of our finished products.

In-house Processes - Sauer System

Application knowledge

Above all else, every tool is designed with true application knowledge in mind. Our tools are designed from the application out. The thought process begins with what the tool is designed to do, includes how it will be used and how it can last a long time, and ends with how to make it last a long time and look good while doing so.

Application Knowledge - Sauer System
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