Sauer System

FRX Adjustable Folding Rod System

Engineered Without Compromises

Every FRX adjustable folding rod system is designed to meet the needs of the specific machine and applications as required.

High-Speed Double Wall
An FRX system handling a high-speed double wall banana box application
Double Rod System
Integrates with existing folding belts
High-Speed Double Wall
An FRX double rod system in action
Double Rod System
Available for both upfold and downfold applications

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Modular components manufactured from lightweight, durable aluminum make FRX folding arms both fully customizable and virtually unbreakable, giving them a marked advantage over cast arms.

  1. Durable
  2. Internal Locking
  3. Easy Adjustments Without Tools
  4. Customizable Arm Segment Length
  5. Modular Components
  6. Indexed Scales for Repeatable Setups


Every FRX adjustable folding rod system is designed to meet the needs of the specific machine and applications as required.

Integration with Existing Folding Belts

FRX arms can be configured to integrate with existing assist folding belts on both upfold and downfold machines. This is typically achieved by adding in an additional pivot point, resulting in a “C-shaped” folding arm.

Index Scales for Repeating Challenging Setups

Every pivot point comes with fully indexed swivel plates and a sight that allows operators to repeat challenging setups.

Heavy Duty Hold-Downs at the Exit End

At the exit end of the folding section, where the boxes enter the counter-ejector or downstacker, custom length heavy duty hold-downs are used, which ensures the boxes leave the folding section flat.

Special Applications

The FRX system has proven effective in improving folding on upfold applications, downfold applications, and difficult to run specialty die cut orders like built-in divider and large panel center seam boxes.

The Sauer System Folding Rod Advantage

  • Reduced Setup Times
  • Internal Locking Reduces Potential for Jam-Ups
  • Improves Folding & Control of Flaps as they Run Through the Folding Section
  • Increased Machine Speed & Productivity
  • Lightweight Arms are Operator Friendly, Easy to Work with, & Virtually Unbreakable
  • Easy-to-Read Indexed Sights Improve Repeatability when Running Challenging Orders
  • Superior UHMW Rod Material with a Low Coefficient of Friction & Extreme Abrasion-Resistance

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High-Speed Double Wall
A complete system ready for assembly, showing the modularity of the system
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