Sauer System

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Complete G3 Male Head

G3 Insert Comparisons

G3 Profile Comparisons

M746 Profile



Kam-Lok Booklet

Kam-Lok Exploded Diagram



Latitude PP2 Precreaser Yoke Configuration

Latitude PP2 Slotter Yoke Configuration

LMC PP2 Precreaser Yokes Photo

LMC PP2 Slotter Yokes Photo

LMC-PP2-Yoke Part Number Cross Reference



37 1/2" Saturn Heads and Yokes Guide

50" Saturn Heads and Yokes Guide

Saturn C-E + Backstops ROI Considerations

Saturn FRX ROI Considerations

Saturn Roller Eliminator Measuring Guide

Saturn Upgrades ROI Considerations


Scoring Profiles

3-Point Profile Examples

Radiused Profiles

Sauer Score Profile Examples

Sauer Scoring Profiles - Robust Line

Tray Making Profile Examples



FRX-DR Setup Sheet Example - 66 McKinley FFG

Installing Sauer System RSC Ring System

Knife Height Chart

Proper Installation of Sauer System Tab Knives

Pull Collar Information Gathering Sheet

RSC Package Determination

Shaft Centers Document

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